July 2013

Opus was part of teams that won at the ACENZ Innovate Awards

Future Leader Award - Jamie Lester

Jamie has been heavily involved in the rebuild effort in Christchurch. He has contributed to the development of Pres-Lam as a feasible construction form, and has built trust in both his technical and project management leadership.

Silver Award – Bay Roads Performance Based Contract

In³roads was the successful alliance partnership for a 10 year Performance Based Contract, encompassing 150km of state highway and 1,030km of local authority road networks in the Western Bay of Plenty. Opus was lead contractor working with Downer and Transfield. The contract was the first of its kind in New Zealand for road network management.

Silver Award – Wellington Regional Road Network Earthquake Resilience Study

Key to the success of this project was Opus’ selection of a GIS platform, as well as the concept of resilience as a function of loss and the time for recovery. The novel Wellington resilience study set a high benchmark and provided foresight on what is required to plan for the inevitable impacts from natural hazards.

Merit Award – SH2 Rimutaka (Muldoon’s Corner) Easing Realignment

Muldoon’s Corner, ‘tight and to the right’ like one of the infamous New Zealand Prime Minister’s budgets, is one of the more notorious corners on the Rimutaka Hill Road, which is well known locally for its hairpin corners, narrow lanes and steep climbs. Opus was Designer and Engineer to the contract for the realignment of the corner, and brought an awareness of the need for natural hazard resilience in Wellington that challenged traditional thinking for the realignment.