New wastewater facility to meet Albany growth

Opus provided a superintendent representative for construction of the Albany Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade.

We set out to supervise the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility with capacity to meet Albany’s growth over the next 25 years.

This work was to be undertaken within the existing wastewater treatment site and that facility had to continue to operate while the new plant was built.

Works were carefully planned by the project team allowing the construction of each of the two primary ponds alternately. One would be constructed while the second continued to operate at an increased capacity to cover for the shutdown.

Once the new pond was commissioned, the second could be built. Improved aeration process and de-sludging increased the facility’s capacity. A collaborative approach between contractors, client and our superintendent representative meant we could add a lot of value to the project.

Our role in the project included keeping the contact well managed, provided civil engineering advice and environmental management. We even helped with the rehabilitation of the site by overseeing the revegetation of the surrounds, which saw local schools get involved with planting.