Benhome Aged Care

Benhome is a well-established facility offering friendly and supportive aged care. Located in Maitland, New South Wales, Benhome wanted to add a two storey 59-bedroom residential building to their existing facilities. The vision for the project was to demolish the existing single storey building and join the central heritage building, Pender House, and the newer dementia care building, Rose Cottage to provide a more connected environment. Opus was sought to provide the design and documentation of the electrical, mechanical, sprinkler, lift and hydraulic services to the new facility.

The original site of Benhome has a rich history dating back to the 1870s. Our careful planning meant that any work to the existing Pender House was respectful of its heritage status and the site was maintained whilst construction was underway. Our documentation and staging of the services works ensured that the new building was constructed without disturbing staff and residents so they could work and live as usual.

Our team put the people of Benhome at the forefront of their work by providing presentations to ensure they were happy with the look and feel of the new facility and the method taken to get there. Our electrical engineers ran a workshop covering communications, nurse call, lighting and security with key Benhome staff, providing them with samples and data to discuss. Our mechanical engineers presented an options study of the different types of possible air conditioning methods giving the staff and CEO vital information, outlining key pros and cons including an overall life cycle analysis and projected cost over the life of the building.