Dawson River Bridge Matt IngNSW cropped

Creating the metropolitan moving people network plan

Opus combined speed and accuracy to design this Queensland bridge project in just two months instead of the usual six.

In the last wet season, interruptions cost Cockatoo Coal around $50m because they couldn’t transport their product to port. The existing low level bridge was prone to flooding so they needed a new bridge to maintain their output.

The original bridge was 60m long but its replacement is 140m and 4m higher than the original, making it more immune to flooding. The bridge is also designed to cope with irregular, larger scale floods.

The bridge design phase included geotechnical investigations, hydrology and hydraulic studies, environmental analysis, survey and detailed road and bridge design. Using our expertise in Sydney, Queensland, Darwin and Western Australia, we were able to respond immediately to Cockatoo Coal’s needs.

With the next wet season fast approaching, we prepared a value statement to design and approve a new 120m bridge and 1km of approach works within eight weeks. By fostering a collaborative relationship with the Department of Main Roads, our engineers were able to progress the design and approval process simultaneously.

Opus staff were on-site throughout the $14 million construction phase, providing engineering support, structural inspection and ongoing design advice.

We provided the required project deliverables within the weather-imposed time frame. The design we provided ensured the new bridge and approach roads could withstand occasional flooding and be reopened to traffic quickly after a flood.