Manjimup Playground DSC 0012

Super-towns initiative helps to revitalise Manjimup

Opus is providing landscape architectural services for the Manjimup Townsite revitalisation project as part of the State Government’s Super-Towns initiative.

A significant contributor to this revitalisation is a state of the art playground to compliment Manjimup’s existing Timber and Heritage Park and Linear Park.

The Shire sought a playground that would act as a major attractor to the town whilst also providing a quality amenity for the local community. The playground was to provide a range of play experiences, including water play and also cater for children of all ages and abilities. Flora and fauna of the Manjimup region is reflected in the custom equipment, whilst water play opportunities are provided by a shallow water feature that runs through the centre of the playground. The playground also incorporates picnic spots for families and a grassed kick-about area.

This nature themed playground has become a key destination for visitors to the Manjimup region with people travelling as far as Bunbury and Perth to visit.