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Taking stock of the University’s assets

Opus’ Asset Management Team undertook an extensive condition survey and asset revaluation at the Queensland University of Technology’s Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point Campuses, Brisbane.

The project comprised of:

  • The condition assessment of 300,000m² of building floor areas on both campus
  • A functionality assessment of each of the teaching spaces within the buildings
  • A comprehensive condition report on each building
  • In-ground and above ground condition assessment of site infrastructure
  • A revaluation of all assets.

For the condition assessment of the buildings, a consistent team of technicians and tradespeople completed the condition rating in accordance with the NPWC condition rating criteria. The team included an architectural technician, structural engineer, mechanical technician, electrical technician, plumber and roofer.

Before beginning an assessment of each building, the inspection team would meet with the University’s maintenance team to identify known issues within the buildings. The condition data was collected using tablets to minimise the post processing of data.

The functionality assessment was undertaken with the users of each space within the University to determine how it rated against accessibility, features, scale, comfort and criticality. The assessment was undertaken in a series of workshops with each of the faculties, facilitated by Opus staff.

The building condition reports provided a detailed narrative on the condition of the building. The base data collected and used in generating the reports was forwarded to QUT for uploading into their custom built system. The reports provided a:

  • Risk assessed backlog maintenance report that prioritised the works over a three year period
  • 15-year capital renewal report
  • Risk assessed compliance report that prioritised the works over a three year period
  • Functionality assessment report
  • Breakdown of the revaluation