The Shire of Busselton requested a Road Asset Management Plan for their road network.

This was the first asset management plan undertaken by the Shire. The brief included updating their road data information held in a “Roman” database, reviewing their operational systems, risk approach, their record keeping and a detailed examination of the expenditure over the previous five year period.

The presentation of the report to Council was vital for the Shire Administration; as the report was to underpin future funding and set the tone for establishing funding requirements for the Council’s Five Year Funding Program to be based on sustainable provision and maintenance of assets.

A review of the Shire’s road data was undertaken with updating being completed as necessary.  A detailed assessment of the growth of the Shire was an important factor in the development of the asset management plan.

A detailed assessment of expenditure split into asset preservation and improvement was completed for the previous five year period.  The results were discussed with the Shire’s accounting, planning, operations and engineering sections with actions incorporated into the plans.

The review of the Council’s asset preservation and improvement expenditure identified a funding issue that the Shire was able to address.  The report was presented to
Council at a Council meeting with Opus staff available to respond to technical questions.  The report was accepted by Council with the annual budget being altered to reflect an increase of funding for future asset preservation works across the road network.

Service provided include:

  • Facilitated workshops to clarify and agree the desired asset management outcomes
  • A review of the current physical works programming process
  • Production of a first generation asset management plan