Shopping centre extension for the former Rockhampton fair

Opus provided structural and civil engineering for a shopping centre extension to the former Rockhampton fair, now Stockland Rockhampton.

The project involved a complete redevelopment of the southern side of the site and a link to the existing shopping centre on the northern side. Access was required to allow customers to go easily between the new Stockland Centre and the existing centre on the northern side.

Challenges were posed by the two centres being separated by a creek and any solution needed to ensure vibrations created by vehicular traffic did not impact negatively on the shopping experience. The new development also needed to increase the floor area of the centre.

A retail mall bridge was designed to connect the new development with the existing northern shopping centre to allow easier access for shoppers. The bridge traverses a nature reserve along with a two lane access road on each side. The retail bridge dimension is approx. 50m x 40m and is elevated up to 8m above the creek.

Utilising the space over the nature reserve allowed the owner to maximise the development area of the site. The new development added an additional 20,300m² to the centre.