Asset Management

Through our network of local offices, we provide leading edge asset management solutions

We can help you understand your building assets so you’re better placed to maximise returns on investment. This is achieved by improving space utilisation, managing legislative requirements, managing risk, and maintenance cost savings.

Our long and successful track record means we can apply proven methodologies to all aspects of building asset management practice. We achieve current industry practice through our association with many asset owners and our participation in various industry related groups.

Our knowledge network of building asset management specialists and building practitioners have experience in developing successful and boutique solutions for all types of buildings and associated infrastructure.

Our experience in Australia 

Building owners and property managers have valued our independent and reliable assessments that inform:

  • Asset registers and component identification
  • Current asset condition, performance, and forecast condition
  • Current space functionality assessments and utilisation improvement strategies
  • Current and future financial liabilities including backlog maintenance and asset preservation forward work programmes (new, dispose, refurbishment, replace)
  • Project justification and funding requests
  • Level of service definition, achievement, and gap assessment
  • Building service sustainability assessments and improvement strategies
  • Maintenance cost saving programmes
  • Special purpose building and insurance valuations
  • Building asset management plans