We can help you work in a way that protects biodiversity and Australia’s natural assets

Our work in this space also takes account of heritage, social and other values, as they relate to the environment and statutory requirements.

Opus is regularly engaged to advise on the management of threatened flora and fauna, pre-clearing and ongoing natural asset management for sites that may be of heritage significance or important to the local community.

Much of this work falls under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC Act) and other legislation– our role is to know the law so you don’t have to.

Some projects require environmental offsets while areas of high environmental significance may need to be maintained in perpetuity. We can advise you on the best course of action and provide mitigation techniques to enhance your organisation’s environmental reputation, while minimising compliance costs and helping you to achieve your project goals.

We can guide you through an environmental management system and help you to successfully get certification. Our strengths are in requirements analysis and policy development, and we can help you devise an EMS that will enable your organisation to promote its commitment to the environment through an internationally recognised certification system.

Our experience in Australia

We have a range of services that support environmental management, including:

  • Environmental consultancy
  • Civil engineering
  • Planning
  • GIS
  • Landscape Architecture

We work with local and state government departments and agencies, resource exploration companies, and industrial, commercial and residential developers. Our environmental team and landscape architects are fully integrated with our other in-house expertise in civil, structural, architectural and water. This gives our clients access to all the specialists they need with one point of contact.

Our environmental scientists have a wealth of experience in developing and preparing environmental management plans for construction and site operation, including acid sulfate soils and land contamination remediation plans.

Our landscape architects respond to the needs of changing environments, social expectations and a variety of stakeholders to create places with character and meaning. Our design approach is focused on creating sustainable development outcomes that enrich a site’s social and environmental character.

We work closely with stakeholders and agencies to ensure management plans are developed with consistency and a well communicated process. Our robust approach aims to ensure that all the necessary approvals, licenses and legislative requirements are met within your timeframe and without delays.