Infrastructure Management

We are recognised globally as a leader in infrastructure management

We optimise whole of life costs associated with the ongoing management and operation of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and water supply.

Our experience in Australia 

We offer specialist expertise in infrastructure management, including:


  • Road networks including haul roads
  • Buildings and associated infrastructure
  • Bridge assessment
  • Water supply and treatment systems
  • Sewer infrastructure and networks
  • Power generation and supply
  • Rail infrastructure

Our skills and experience in this field are particularly relevant to the resources sector where high value infrastructure has significant productivity costs to the business if not maintained correctly. We can provide:

  • Best practice asset management reviews
  • Asset management plan reviews and programme development
  • Facility asset management process review
  • Facility asset management plans and asset register development
  • Asset inventory and condition data collection
  • Level of service measure reviews and development to assist in asset performance analysis and benchmarking
  • Facility maintenance procurement
  • Service provider contract documentation and performance specification
  • Design reviews focusing on ongoing maintenance of assets
  • Sustainability and energy audits
  • Asset register tool development, including GIS based tools
  • Maintenance contractor performance monitoring