We've been in the telecommunications sector since the 1990's. Today, we continue to lead the way.

Opus is a trusted name in the telecommunications sector. Our teams across Australia have expert knowledge of the systems and technologies that help people to connect.

We provide robust solutions for large-scale and tailored mobile and wireless telecommunications projects. Our clients include Telstra, Optus and Vodafone as well as the NSW Telco Authority, Rail Corp, local governments, educational institutions and other industrial, commercial and transportation organisations.

We support their projects with structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering services.  

Our capability and experience in telecommunications

We help our clients to plan and build the supporting infrastructure around telecommunications sites and assets, such as access roads, retaining walls and ancillary buildings. We can provide construction documentation and designs for greenfield, co-located and rooftop sites, as well as upgrade works to existing sites.  

We provide critical mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, including heat loading, power and earthing design. We can advise on condition and design issues and we strive to come up with low impact design solutions that minimise the visual impact of telecommunications infrastructure. Our people are also qualified to work at heights.