Our work in this area includes greenfield sites, co-located and rooftop locations

Opus provides core telecommunications engineering services including structural, civil, mechanical and electrical for base stations, monopoles, rooftops and high voltage lattice tower sites.

Our mobile and wireless infrastructure services include:


  • Civil works including structural engineering for supports and loadings
  • Shelter solutions for electronics, road, drainage and culvert design
  • Poles and support design
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering – heat loading, power and earthing
  • Drafting

Our experience in Australia

We have extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and have undertaken projects for the three major Australian telecommunications providers as well as government authorities and construction companies. We have recently completed projects for Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Government Radio Network, RailCorp, Verteland Bytecan. Our experience includes:

  • Design and documentation of more than 700 mobile phone base stations
  • Tower and mast analysis and design
  • Condition assessment of towers and masts
  • Specialized analysis of high voltage towers for additional antenna loading
  • Concrete and steel monopole design and monopole footings design
  • Antenna mount design on towers, monopoles, timber poles and buildings.
  • Structural checking of new and existing antenna loads on towers, masts and monopoles
  • Access  requirements for ladders and platforms to AS 1657
  • Electromagnetic radiation requirements for safe access and signage and marking roof tops
  • Managing geotechnical requirements
  • Footing analysis and design
  • Survey requirements for checking titles and easements
  • Access road design
  • Site drainage and flood levels
  • Condition reports for all types of building structures