Asset and Network Management

Opus has over 50 years' experience managing road networks and associated assets

We take a pragmatic approach to road network management to balance desired service levels with risk and cost, while prolonging the asset’s useful life

The results we have achieved with our projects highlight our unique skills built on extensive experience. This accumulated knowledge and application has taken us globally to assist developing and developed countries with road maintenance reform programmes, developing customised road network management contracts, ‘value for money’ assessments, and advising on improvement opportunities with existing service provider arrangements.

We believe that applying outcome focused management and maintenance principles will greatly assist you in achieving your goals and those of the road user, along with asset preservation, risk management, and financial outputs. Our services are underpinned by the need to continuously improve:

  • Effectiveness – ensuring that defined outcomes are being achieved.
  • Cost efficiency – ensuring outcomes are achieved at the least cost.
  • Sustainability – ensuring outcomes are affordable long-term, without detrimental environmental impact or risk.

Our team can provide enhanced knowledge and understanding of your assets, enabling you to demonstrate good governance to your stakeholders through transparent decision making processes. Benefits include:

  • Better communication and justification of funding requests
  • Increased understanding of asset condition and performance
  • The ability to make economic decisions based on fact
  • Increased understanding of service levels, costs, and risks
  • Demonstrating a commitment to sustainable resourcing


Our services include:

  • Strategic advice and asset management reform
  • Best practice reviews
  • Asset management plans and systems, including ROMAN II
  • Asset valuations, inventory and condition data collection
  • Asset performance measures and assessment
  • Contract documentation and specifications
  • Procurement methods
  • Quality management system and auditing
  • Geomatics
  • Regional roads group facilitation
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing

We have specialist knowledge on the following road network management and maintenance delivery models:

  • Conventional – Maintenance contractor directed by either the owner or professional service consultant.
  • Performance Specified Maintenance – Operations, maintenance and rehabilitation all proved by a single supplier.
  • Hybrid Performance Specified Maintenance – Operations, maintenance and rehabilitation provided by owner, contractor, professional service consultant in a partnership agreement.
  • Concession – Design, build, finance, operations, public-private partnership including operations, maintenance and rehabilitation all provided by a single supplier.

We are also regularly consulted by road agencies to review and develop their own asset management framework and associated processes for managing road networks including:

  • Road safety management
  • Corridor asset management
  • Pavement management
  • Asset information management
  • Traffic data management