We have extensive expertise in GIS – a digital system to map and manipulate spatial data

Through GIS, we add value to a range of disciplines from asset management, to traffic and transport, environmental projects, town planning and risk management.

Our GIS team combines global expertise with local capacity to provide a range of GIS related services, including data collection and database development, data analysis and media digitisation.

Our experience in Australia 

We work with local government and state government clients to provide a range of GIS services across Australia including:

  • On-site data capture using GPS devices
  • Database development for asset inventories
  • Data analysis for forward works, mapping and transport network analyses
  • Digitisation – desktop data capture using aerial photography or paper-based plans
  • Mapping data collection results, data trends and demographics

Customised GIS solutions

Our services are tailored to meet client needs and to fully integrate into their existing systems. We offer GIS along with other services, such as asset management, for a comprehensive service with better results. We also offer data hosting and maintenance services to clients who don’t have GIS capability. 

We have a range of GIS data capturing devices including PDAs, tablets and DGPS. Together with the latest GIS software, this helps us capture and deliver high quality results.