We combine design innovation with functionality to enhance transport infrastructure projects

Our team’s close links with engineers and environmental services mean we can develop designs that respond to the complex nature of transport projects.

Opus combines design innovation with functionality to enhance and support transport infrastructure projects. We have the ability to see these projects from the earliest planning and feasibility stages through to design and construction.

Our experience in Australia

In the simplest form, landscape services may involve planting design to the verge of a new road or highway. In other cases, landscape design may form the very backbone of a transport infrastructure project.

For example, during the revitalisation of a town centre or main street, where the landscape design enhances retail development, creates great spaces and places for the community and integrates the needs of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. It also enhances connectivity for communities, mitigates against noise, and provides for storm water treatment.

In terms of town planning, we can strategically recommend to our clients the best possible way of moving ahead with a project in the most efficient and effective way.

Our design and innovation excellence hinges on sustainable development principles. When designing for transport infrastructure, our landscape team focuses on:

  • Sustainable design and construction
  • Reducing waste
  • Adapting to the site
  • Minimising energy requirements
  • Reusing and conserving water
  • Using materials from local sources
  • Avoiding the use of toxic materials