What is a Section 73 Certificate?

If you are developing your property, whether creating a dual occupancy, subdividing, or constructing a residential, commercial or industrial building in the area serviced by Sydney Water, you may need to get a Section 73 Compliance Certificate. What services do we provide?

Opus is an accredited supplier to Sydney Water and we can provide you with the following services:

  • Water Servicing Coordinator: Accredited Supplier to Sydney Water Corporation
  • Water & Sewer Design: Accredited Supplier to Sydney Water Corporation
  • Water & Sewer Project Management: Accredited Supplier to Sydney Water Corporation
  • Section 73 Certificate Enquiries (S73)
  • Building Plan Approvals (BOS/BAS)
  • Service Protection Reports (SPR)
  • Main-to-Meter Inspections and Certification (MTM)

For more information, contact our Water Team by phone or by email:

If you would like to apply for a Section 73 Certificate, contact our office during our usual business hours for more details.You'll need to provide us with plans and other documents. If you're unable to get to our office, we can conveniently complete the process electronically – just call us.

We provide these services in all of Sydney Water's areas:

- Sydney - Blue Mountains
- Sydney - North Western
- Sydney - South Western
- Sydney – North
- Sydney – South
- Sydney – East
- Illawarra

For further information on Sydney Water’s requirements in relation to building and development projects, please see the Sydney Water website: www.sydneywater.com.au