Nationally Recognised Water Industry Training

We are proud to provide nationally recognised water industry training in partnership with an accredited RTO.

The Opus Water Industry Training Institute (WITI) delivers nationally recognised water industry training on water and wastewater treatment, reticulation operations and maintenance, and water in mining.
We provide the training in Association with The Learning Collaborative (RTO National ID 32350).

WITI delivers:
• NWP30107 Certificate III in Water Operations
• NWP20107 Certificate II in Water Operations

Our experience in Australia 

We develop training programs for people from local and statutory water authorities, as well as private clients with their own water infrastructure, such as mining companies.
The short courses are based on clusters of units of competency from NWP 20107 and NWP 30107. WITI training programs can be customised to ensure they deliver the outcomes you need for your organisation or business. We bring the training to you at a time that suits your team, so your staff in the regions or remote areas don’t have to travel.

Our approach to training is client-led and flexible. We work closely with you to find out what you need, and develop a course that will cover everything you need and nothing you don’t. We are committed to constant improvement and follow up all our training with post-course evaluation.