Wastewater treatment

We can manage all stages of wastewater treatment, disposal and system management

We have the expertise and experience to manage wastewater projects from strategic planning and design to construction supervision and post-commissioning support.

Opus has a reputation for excellence in the wastewater field. We work hard to understand our client’s needs and to tailor our solutions accordingly. Ours is a reputation built on collaboration and innovation, and we’re known for delivering high-quality, cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions. 

Wastewater managers work in increasingly stringent legislative environment. We can help you meet your legislative responsibilities, and provide expert advice and services for  mitigation options, monitoring for compliance, consultation programmes and consent applications.

Our experience in Australia 

Our wastewater services in Australia draw on a range of skills and expertise and include:

  • Feasibility studies – investigations, modelling, mass balances and risk assessments
  • All aspects of plant design
  • Specifications and tender evaluation for water treatment and treatment of sewage, industrial and resource sector wastewater
  • Operational troubleshooting, construction services, maintenance and commissioning
  • Water operations industry training
  • Energy efficiency and recovery
  • Environmental impact assessment, including environmental management systems
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Air and water quality
  • Heritage and archaeology
  • Visual and landscape issues
  • Waste management
  • Environmental auditing